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Temple Run BraveThe Temple Run Brave game is now available to play online via your PC or Mac and we will show you how you can play it today!

The game itself borrows heavily from the familiar Temple Run style that players and fans know and enjoy but this time there is a twist. This time, however a new character appears and that character is the girl with the red hair, who is often attached to a Bow, to be also found in Disney’s new movie Brave! Not only is there a new character but there are also some newer elements to the game itself.

Of course the name of this new fire girl is Merida, the Brave movies main character! One of the changes to be found in the new game is that angry bears are used to chase you down as oppose to the not so well loved monkeys, and as an added bonus the clever people at Imangi Studio’s have included an archery shooting option so she can attack with her bow & arrow to hit various different targets. Players can of course run as before, perform the tricky slides, jumps, as well as turning with the option to shoot your way over some pretty wild, and awesome Scottish land based territory!

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Temple Run: Brave is available to download from both the Apps Store for the iPhone, iPad tablet and of course from the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. The cost is just $0.99.
Play the Game on Your PC or Mac.

Play the Game on Your Pc or Mac

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Little curious fox puzzle

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Little curious fox puzzle Game.


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A physics-primarily based stacking game with thirty difficult ranges. Discover a way to stack designs on the platform securely. Contact stars for your accomplishment. HOW TO Play

&gt Click a form in the dock then click on as soon as again to location it on the platform.
&gt Stack these designs with out any slipping off.
&gt Organize them so they can attain the stars.
&gt Push A or D to rotate the form.


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Explopool, a fun and entertaining game with billiards balls and explosives. Challenging, but easy to play game, that requires both skill and some luck. Your target is to clear pool table and get all balls to the pockets by using explosives. A bomb is placed and set with a left mouse button. Besides normal pockets, there are special pockets marked with "?". If ball hits that, a special feature activates. Most of them will help you clearing the table.

Chopper Run

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Avoid the obstacles and gather as numerous cash as long as you can. Use the still left mouse button and steer clear of the obstacles and gather as numerous cash as long as you can.

Poo Runner

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OMG, there's monies all over the streets! Other individuals are attempting to scoop it up! Remain forward of them to get as much money as you can, and steer clear of the poop! Mouse to move.

Bloody Climber

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Climb as high as you can. Beware of traps! Press X to leap.

Gather cash and then push Z important to enter the shop.

The Float

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• Breath using steer clear of asteroids game!
• Strategy ahead or you will free!
• Remain sharp or you will free!
• You will ultimately free, but depart a mark in high scores list prior to you do!

The Float is a simple and addictive game, that provides you control more than a spaceship within of the asteroid area. You start your engines with faucet, and boost your motor with double-faucet. Collect gas, steer clear of asteroids, and defeat other players in high scores list! click to endure


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Match molecules to prove you are a master chemist in this addictive puzzle game from Evolute Games!
Beat your friends scores and earn achievement awards over 48 mind churning levels with 12 bonus levels to really scratch your head over. Every level comes with interesting chemistry facts, meaning Chemistry is educational as well as fun.
Have you got enough Chemistry? Drag the atoms using the mouse or arrow keys and SHIFT. Match the molecule displayed before the time runs out to complete the level and progress. Every fifth level is a difficult bonus level that awards massive points.

Cave Ant Escape

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Cave Ant Escape is a new online game from, This is a quite unusual escape game these days, Good luck in this exotic place!
Play this game in and keep supporting us to give more good games. Use mouse to play the game.

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